Blackwood Tanks

Busselton based supplier, installer and repairer of Rhino Water Tanks

Trusted and reliable rainwater tanks using genuine BlueScope steel.
We are a small family owned business focused on customer service and quality workmanship, Kingspan Rhino tanks have the highest quality tank in the industry, this goes with our ethos and focus on quality.

When you call us for a tank quote we can answer your questions as we are the people building and installing the tank for you.

Tank Cleaning & Scheduled Serving

From water tank liner & roof replacement, to regular serving and water tank cleaning, Blackwood Tanks has you covered.

Tank Clean


Tank Cleans can be completed while there is water in your tank

Inclusions: The removal of sludge and sediment Aeration & filtration of remaining water Application of potable water approved sanitising agent

Scheduled Servicing


Blackwood Tanks recommend you service your tank every 5 years

Inclusions: Check the condition of your tank and surrounds Check functionality of all components Install new Magnesium Sacrificial Anodes which are crucial for anti-corrosion to your tank